Our Mission

Is To Create Yuëai, Balance.

Our Mission is to create Yuëai, Balance, within our community by promoting ALL NATURAL beauty and wellness products. By Implementing Natural Herbs and Remedies as a way of life we are promoting Healing as well as sustainability. Once we Love and Embrace Nature, it will love us back. We are so very honored to have the opportunity to be able to collaborate with Nature to bring such love and balance to the world. Nature is Yuë-r Healer.

Organic and Natural Ingredients

All of our Products are formulated with natural and wholesome ingredients to optimize beauty and wellness through a natural sense. Through the Power of Plants, we have formulated a wide range of products geared towards creating Positivity and Love.

What drives Yuëai's Passion

I started Yuëai Botanica three years ago, in my dorm room, at Spelman College. Through my study of Biology, I developed a love for Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. Seeing the adverse effects that big commercial brands and nutrient depleted foods were having on my health, inspired me to make a change. In 2017, I changed my spirituality, became vegan and began making my own hair and skin care products, inspired by the Kemetic philosophies of health and wellness. I changed my Mind, Body and Spirit.

Yuëai is balance and is inspired by Kemet, Ancient Egypt. Kemet has pioneered  much of what we see today, it has moved my heart. The Kemetic secrets of wellness and beauty are the foundation of Yuëai. The Blue Lotus (Nympheae Caerulea), our symbol, represents; infinity, balance and expansion, all of which are embodied in Yuëai. 

What we consume as well as what we put on our body, hair and skin can have a great impact on our overall health. Yuëai's purpose is to heal through redefining the standards of beauty, by focusing on the health and well being for the mind, body, and spirit. Yuëai uses all natural flowers, fruits and herbs in all of our products, from fresh papaya, mangos and blueberries to blue lotus oils and extracts. We pride ourselves in giving you the most wholesome ingredients possible.

 By implementing natural herbs and remedies as a way of life we  promote healing and sustainability. Once we love and embrace Mother Nature, she will love us back. We are so very honored to have the opportunity to be able to collaborate with her to bring love and balance to the world.