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Flor De Sol Body oil

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Create a full body routine with fruit, and herbal infused skincare products that are designed to heal and restore balance, Yuëai.

Created by Nature, supported by Science.

Nature is Yuë-r Healer

A new way to beauty and wellness

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Who We are

Meet our founder

My name is Ausatta and Welcome to Yueai Botanica. Yueai botanica is my mission; it has changed my entire perspective on life and I am so happy to share it with you. Learn more about my Journey and what has inspired my vision for Yueai!

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Balanced Skincare and Wellness

Yuëai is balance. Our mission is to create balance through beauty and wellness by cultivating healing, sustainability and wholeness. We are a climate concious, all natural, cruelty free, vegan brand. We are homogenizing nature with beauty and wellness.

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Our Standards

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